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Cowlitz A's monthly meetings are held on the second Tuesday at the Castle Rock Senior Center 222  2nd Ave., Castle Rock, WA 2:00-4:00 pm. (map)  Our next REGULAR meeting is on October 10, 2023

Dear Members: We are still looking for a volunteer to do our monthly newsletter. If you are interested, please contact our President, Linda Pliler at 360-388-7572.

Coffee & Treat List for 2023

When you sign up for this schedule, you are signing up both Coffee and treats together.

If you sign up for a meeting and for some reason you cannot come to the meeting you sign up for, it is up to you to find a replacement, and to get the coffee equipment to the replacement person so they can make the coffee and provide the treats.

The next person on the list takes the coffee equipment home with them so they can make the coffee at the next club meeting. If you do not know how to make coffee simply ask another member or check on the internet.

January N/A

February Steve & Twila

March Pete & Jan

April Talent

May Bob & Monty

June Mike & Butch Filer

July Linda & Jerry

August John

September Tom & Shirley Rulo

October Sam & Terry Zion

November ?

December N/A

Treats List 2/01/2023

July 2023 Meeting Minutes 

Submitted by Mike Filer

April 2023 Meeting Minutes

Submitted by Mike Filer

March 2023 Meeting Minutes 

Submitted by Mike Filer

Northwest Regional Model A HUB Tour: Victoria, BC in '23' click link below:

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Cowlitz A's Meeting Notes:

December 4, 2022, Christmas Luncheon Meeting Notes 

November 8, 2022, Meeting Minutes and Notes